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How to experience the best sensations with vibrators

Date Added: November 27, 2009 12:53:25 PM
Author: Bruce
Category: Reference: Ask an Expert
A vibrator toy is an electric adult toy which can massage all parts of the body. Commonly, it is used on the penis, vagina and anus. Vibrators are primarily used by women for masturbation. Nonetheless, nowadays a lot of men deploy vibrators to enrich their sexual experiences. Vibrators can be of various shapes, textures and sizes suit to individual sexual preferences. One thing is for sure: vibrator toys are a reliable method of self-satisfaction, which explains its rapidly increasing popularity with users. Few people know that vibrators were not intended for vaginal penetration. Usually vibrators are applied to outer female sex organs for sexual stimulation. Some of them resemble the male sex organ, but a lot of do not look similar to any part of the body. Females can deploy vibrator toys to stimulate their genitals. Men can deploy vibrator toys to stimulate their penis and anus. Couples deploy vibrators to raise the excitement of sex life. When you buy a vibrator toy, it is necessary to get to know it better, even if you have already used a vibrator toy and know well how to use them to get sexual satisfaction. Firstly, play with the button by turning the vibrator toy on and off and find out how many speed levels and settings it provides. Wash your vibrator toy well before using it. Insure it seamless. Even if you are going to use the vibrator toy with a sexual partner, it is better to check it out by yourself first. Once you turn it on, start by touching your feet and hands. Run the vibrator toy up and down your arms and legs, belly, your shoulders and neck, your scalp and face. Though vibrators are used mostly around the vulva and clitoris, do not haste to apply the vibrator to highly sensitive parts of your body. Experience the overall arousal and then little by little move to the genitals. The great thing about vibrator toys is that they never get tired and, thus, allow you to explore every inch of your body to experience sexual satisfaction. A great number of vibrators have several speed levels. Always begin slowly and gradually up the speed level. If you feel discomfort, you can wrap it with a towel or simply press it gently against your body. You may find that some areas are sensitive to a lour speed, while others need speedy stimulation. A great number of females use vibrator toys for extraneous stimulation, but if your vibrator is safe for penetration, try it out. A vibrator toy that is safe for penetration should be smooth, seamless, and should not absorb somatic fluids. If the vibrator is deployed for vaginal or anal penetration, it is recommended to put a condom over it. You should also use lubricants for smooth and painless penetration. Should you require additional information on the proper use of vibrator toys, visit vibratorshowto.com.


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