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Things to know about fellatio and deepthroat blowjob

Date Added: December 01, 2009 06:47:37 PM
Author: Derek
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A type of oral sex performed on the penis is called FELLATIO. The term "fellatio" is derived from a Latin word denoting "to suck". In the present-day language it is normally known as a blowjob. Fellatio can be performed both by females and males, and is known as a highly exciting and enjoyable sexual act for those who are involved in it. It is unknown who was the first to perform fellatio. Still, it is known to have been widely practised in ancient cultures. For instance, fellatio is featured in Kama Sutra with a complete direction on how to perform it. Now, as well as many centuries ago, fellatio is performed to boost sensuality and bring a man to a powerful climax. It is performed during arousal prior to vaginal or anal penetration or as a part of oral sex. Fellatio can fall into four categories. A traditional fellatio is observed when the giver is active and the receiver is inactive. The second type of fellatio refers to the act of fellatio when the giver is passive and the receiver is active, thrusting while penetrating the partner's mouth. The third form is known as auto-fellatio in which a man is able to perform fellatio on his own penis. And the last kind is deep throating. It was named after a 1972 adult film which features it. This technique includes taking the entire sexually stimulated penis in the mouth, the shaft bending slightly to allow the tip of the penis to glide partially down the giver's throat. Special practice is compulsory to avoid gagging. A detailed guidance on how perform deepthroating appropriately can be read at deepthroathowto.com. According to personal preferences, the semen ejaculated during an orgasm may or may not be swallowed. It should be remembered that powerful sexual stimulation of the penis will make the organ produce a small quantity of fluid before ejaculation. Its purpose is to cleanse the urethra prior to ejaculation as well as to provide lubrication for the foreskin during foreplay and penetration. Although oral sex does not include penetration, participants can catch sexually transmitted diseases. The person performing fellatio is more at risk than the receiver, even if ejaculation does not occur in the mouth. The risk of contracting a STD can be decreased by putting on a condom.


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