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Acne cure - is it real or not?

Date Added: December 04, 2009 03:44:57 AM
Author: askhlyn121
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In a normal pharmacy, there are assorted treatments for acne and other skin infections, and not all of them will include salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. That does not signify that they don't work as well, it's just that they most likely work differently from the aforementioned types of treatments. Whether one decides to take an over-the-counter treatment or go for a prescription, the principal thing to recall is that once the acne has been successfully got rid of, then working on assuaging the social anxiety can start. There are some skin doctors that suggest combination treatments as a system to ease acne. The measure works by having individuals utilize salicylic acid during the day time, as it is the compound that has a lower opportunity of inducing side effects. The benzoyl peroxide is then administered at midnight, prior to sleeping. This reduces the prospects that the side effects would interfere with the sufferer's daily life, as well as diminish the chancess of the peroxide bleaching clothing. Skin infections such as acne rosacea and teenage acne are normally originated by bacterial infections in the skin. Among the several core ingredients of the medications used to take care of acne and similar bacterial infections is benzoyl peroxide. In the case of acne, benzoyl peroxide works by attacking the bacteria, effectively trying to bring to an end the acne at the source. However, benzoyl peroxide is a strong compound and individuals with sensitive skin can develop redness, rashes, and other side effects that can add to one's social anxiety, rather than be of assistance to relieve it. Medically speaking, adults often find it harder to tolerate benzoyl peroxide, as compared to teenagers. An alternative for acne medication can show up in the form of treatments that uses salicylic acid. Salicylic acid works on acne in a unusual way from benzoyl peroxide. While the peroxide compound works by targeting the bacterial infections behind acne, salicylic acid functions as an exfoliant. The acid works by peeling away layers of the skin, subsequently also peeling away the acne slowly. The acid is seen to be milder than the peroxide, though it can still have side effects. Plus, salicylic acid is not as effective an acne treatment option as benzoyl peroxide, simply because it lacks the raw chemical potency of the peroxide. The obsession with skin care has resulted into a boom in the skin care product industry. These skin care products are marketed to cater to the large market that demands a type of preparations to treat dry skin, curb oily skin, and even to “turn around” the aging process. Today, producers of beauty products have stretched their beauty line to consist of concoctions to heal skin infections. The products that are frequently paid for to curb skin infections habitually include those that are supposed to care for adult acne and teenage acne.


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